Jeeves & Co Writing Set Review

Sending letters is, unfortunately, a lost art. I'm from a generation that grew up communicating by picking up the phone or typing a quick message. But there's something so personal and heart felt about a handwritten letter. The feeling I've had in the past opening up a letter from a YouTube subscriber or blogging friend is a great one, you feel so special knowing that someone took the time out of their day to write you a message and send it off.

Jeeves & Co are trying to make that experience even more special with their beautifully designed writing sets. I've been able to sample everything I'll need to keep up to date with friends and family;

  • 10 A6 correspondence cards on 270gsm 'Felt White' recycled card
  • 10 A5 sheets of writing paper on 120gsm 'Felt White' stock
  • 20 C6 recycled Kraft envelopes (white also available)

One of the main elements of any product like this is the choice of paper, and I think they made the perfect choice. The 'Felt' stock used for both cards and writing paper has a subtle grainy texture, similar to a watercolour stock. With the style of their designs and high quality printing this gives the effect that the designs are almost hand painted. Plus they both take ink like a dream, whether you use a fountain pen or not they will be a delight to write on. I had no issues with bleeding with my fountain pen test, the paper did shadow slightly but it's not a big deal at all.

When putting together your correspondence cards or writing papers at Jeeves & Co you have the ability to select different paper stocks, they have thicker options and some with a smoother texture if that's something you prefer. You also have the choice to select what font is used for your name and address to suit your personal taste.

The design I was drawn too most is their 'Cosmic Forest' collection, a combination of woodland animals, watercolour and space. You can pick up any design from their collections individually or get mixed sets like the one I have, providing you with 2 of each design. I really love the style of this collection, the composition of design elements is well thought out on each item. It's not just the same layout for everything with a different image, each one is slightly different.

I really enjoy these products, and they've inspired me to spend time sending out letters to people and hopefully brightening their day a little! The quality, design and presentation is all wonderful. Taking this into consideration they're relatively good value for money, 

Prices for writing paper start at £12.50 for 10 sheets & envelopes, working out at £1.25 each. But the higher quantity purchased lowers the price, you can get them for as low as 82p each! The cards are slightly more expensive, starting at £14 for a set of 10 cards & envelopes, £1.40 each. At a higher quantity they can be as cheap as 98p each. Or if you want to get the full set like I have, you can find that here for £15.
(Plus you can bag yourself an extra 25% off of your first order if you sign up to their mailing list, you're welcome!)

Jeeves & Co don't exclusively make writing sets, they have a wide range of paper goods from greetings cards to wedding stationery. With a huge selection of designs, their marble set is super cute! They also have the ability to print bespoke designs if you want to have something custom made. Check out everything they have to offer at Jeeves & Co here.

Big thanks to Pippa from Jeeves & Co for sending me this sample set for review!

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Boxcitement Subcription Box February 2017 Review & Giveaway

Who doesn't love a jam packed box of surprises arriving in the post each month?

Boxcitement sent me over their latest box to play with and it's a lot of fun. They have a subscription service for monthly stationery/gift boxes, each of them themed to boost your creativity. The theme for this box is 'Head of the class', a throwback school inspired assortment of items.

The card within this box describing the contents reads:

Whether your school days bring back great memories or would best be forgotten forever, we hope this month’s box will bring a smile to your face! From a retro dinner-money purse and cute stationery to our stylish maths-inspired jewellery, it’s all about being head of the class!
— Boxcitement

One of the key notes to mention before I go through the box is that Boxcitement design and create everything themselves, meaning that you won't find this gear anywhere else. I made a quick unboxing video showcasing what's included. Plus you can win your own Boxcitement box at the end of this post!

So let's go through the goods..

  • Polka dot composition style exercise book - A 24 page A5 lined notebook. I'm pleasantly surprised by the paper quality, it's a lot nicer than the exercise books I had in school!
  • Set of square notecards - Great for using as mini greetings cards or jotting little notes down to stick up in your workspace. They're fun and bright, what more could you ask for?
  • Laser engraved cherrywood ruler - It reads "Rules are made to be broken..." and it's a fantastic little ruler, I'm a fan of the woodgrain.
  • An Aspara metallics extra-dark pencil - admittadly not under the 'everything is designed and made by Boxcitement' rule but this is a perfect addition to fit the theme.
  • 'Perfect' pin badge - Pins have been extremely popular as of late and I personally think this 'Perfect' one  was specifically designed for me. Just a thought.
  • A fluffy pink zip pouch - This one is pretty self explanatory
  • A sewing project kit - Fab little mini kit of everything you need for a sewing project. Fabric, padding and some extras to sew your initials.
  • Acrylic necklace - Inspired by tools from a maths set, it's a nice and modern gift.
  • Finally an achievement certificate - Because if you can't award yourself, how the hell are you gonna award somebody else?

I had a lot of fun with my first Boxcitement box and I think that's the point, a bunch of surprises once a month to put a smile on your face. Where's the harm in that?

These boxes are available with or without a subscription, although the price lowers if you subscribe so keep that in mind.

One off boxes retail at £15-20 a box and the monthly subscription comes in at £15-18 a month. Considering all that's considered I think it's pretty good value, and would make an excellent gift! You can find out the full details about their pricing and full subscription info by visiting their website.

You can also nab yourself an extra 10% discount on the subscription by signing up to their newsletter, which you can do here, plus by signing up to their newsletter you also get a downloadable e-zine full of craft projects. I've signed up myself and it's definitely given me the creative bug.

The awesome folks over at Boxcitement were generous to offer one of their boxes to giveaway to one of you! It's super simple to enter, all you have to do is sign up to the Boxcitement newsletter (don't forget you'll also get a 10% discount code with this) and enter your email in the form.
One winner will be drawn on Friday 10th March and contacted using the email entered.


Huge thanks to Boxcitement for sending this box for review! You can find Boxcitement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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