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Chroma is a brand I discovered on Instagram and quickly fell in love. The idea is to have a colour of notebook that inspires and sparks creativity so you can fill it with wonderful ideas and dreams. That was where this brand all began, wanting to inspire creativity. 

And the story behind chroma and its owner is truly inspiring in itself. I was fortunate to be able to pick the brains of the founder of Chroma Stationery, Gabi Cox, and find out some more about this up-and-coming stationery brand.

Chroma has a wide range of product options currently available which is soon to grow. With 25 notebook colours available for the cover, two different page rulings and free embossing in either gold or silver there is bound to be a combination to suit everyone. 

I couldn't help myself but chose my two favourite colours, blue (Dawson) and grey (Meredith). One with lined ruling and one with plain. I was really quite pleased with the paper quality of these A5 notebooks, it's smooth and bright white. It isn't overly thick but takes fountain pen ink without a problem, leaving barely a shadow on the reverse of the page.

Although one of the more fun parts of these notebooks is the embossing. Through their website you can have initials and names embossed but if you want something more (like me) they are happy to help. I wanted to have both my logo and website banner embossed and was surprised at how detailed they both turned out, especially the banner image because of its transparencies and high details. I decided on gold embossing for both notebooks and I'm so glad I did. It's a really nice shade of gold and I imagine it would look great on all of the available colours.

The price point is good too, at £7.50 per notebook it is fairly similar to prices that you would see of other high quality notebooks. And the best part, embossing is free no matter how much or little you have done.

Interview with Chroma Stationery founder, Gabi Cox

Tell us a little bit about yourself, what was you doing before you began Chroma?
Before Chroma I was studying Fashion Promotion and Imaging at the University for the Creative Arts at the Epsom campus. It was whilst I was in my final year at Uni that Chroma was created. I live in Berkshire and spend way too much of my time with my mini dachshund, Toby. My favourite things include pizza, pancakes, collecting pretty things and David Beckham.

What was your original inspiration to create notebooks?
I was initially fascinated by colour and colour psychology. Why people prefer certain colours to others or the emotions and memories that colours trigger. I began by putting together a selection of colour related stories or anecdotes and the idea of greetings cards was bounced around. It was from there that stationery and notebooks came about. I had a light bulb moment and put two and two together. My struggle to find affordable notebooks that I liked and my love of colour. 

Where did the name Chroma come from?
Chroma means the purity and simplicity of colour, which is fundamentally what it is all about.

All of the colours in your notebook range have names, how do you decide on what to name each colour?
Many of them were just on instinct. People remind me of certain colours and from a young age I would associate certain colours with certain people. For example my brother and the colour green, or my nanny and the colour lilac. Other colour names were a play on words, such as the Meredith Grey from my love of Grey's Anatomy. 

How important is it to you that all of your products are made in the UK?
It is really important. Not only is there a big environmental factor but I also love the idea of supporting UK based businesses whether thats the people supplying my notebooks or packaging. It is also very important to me to keep the cost down for my customers, by keeping everything in the UK I am able to keep my notebooks affordable. 

You had a very successful kickstarter campaign which recently ended, what are the next steps for Chroma?
Kickstarter was hugely nerve-wracking and a big gamble, but I am so glad I took it. I am now mainly concentrating on growing the Chroma range, I want to add further notebook options and a much wider variety of products and colours. A new website is also something that I think is really important to get sorted. Making it as easy as possible for my customers to order their notebooks whilst still keeping it beautifully designed. 

A huge thank you to Gabi for agreeing to be featured on The Desk of Adam!

You can find out more about the products Chroma has to offer by visiting their website here.
Also by checking them out on social media on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

Thanks for reading!

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