Kaweco AL-Sport review

Kaweco is a fairly new brand to me. I'd always see a pen from the brand here or there but it never caught my attention enough for me to want one. The design of the sport seemed dated to me. It wasn't until they released the sport in new colours that I actually decided to try them.

I first picked up a Classic Sport in Grey, from a collection called Skyline, a few months back. I'm a huge fan of grey anything and thought it would be a good opportunity to give this brand a go. It was fairly inexpensive and unfortunately it feels just that. The plastic body felt cheap and was almost too lightweight! But I was a fan of the writing experience from the polished stainless steel nib so I didn't want to dismiss them immediately. Which brings me on to the actual pen I will be reviewing today. 

The original design of the Kaweco Sport is also available in a higher range of pens called the AL Sport. The name is pretty self explanitory, it's the sport but made from solid aluminium. 

After using the Sport I grew fond of the design. It was compact, but when posted with the oversized cap it creates a pen that is extremely comfortable to use. (108mm when capped and 133mm when posted, 14mm in diameter at its thickest)

The AL Sport was a clear upgrade and I thought being made from a metal rather than a plastic it would have the weight that the Sport was lacking. Which it did but somehow still managing to be lightweight enough to carry around everywhere without any problems. 

The AL Sport comes in an array of designs and finishes, from stonewashed designs that look beaten and distressed to standard matte finish colours that have a classic look to them. And then there is the 'Raw' version which is what I decided on. This is an uncoated version with a high-gloss mirror finish, it has a stunning industrial looking feel to it. Ever since I backed 'The Writers Block' kickstarter (post here) for a stainless steel block, the look of raw metal has been something I have been loving and that was the inspiration for me chosing the Raw AL Sport. As I mentioned earlier the entire pen is made from solid aluminium and as such the grip of the pen has the same glossy finish as the rest of the body, which I was hessitant that it would cause some problems actually gripping the pen. But because of the contours of the section it allows fingers to hug around it comfortably without having to grip too tightly. 

Both the Sport and AL Sport have the same polished stainless steel nib which is extremely smooth and truly glides across paper. I have M nibs in both pens, really one of the nicest M nibs I have written with. I've experienced no resistence or scrathy feelings when using this, just an overall good writing experience. I must say I find it to be more comfortable with the AL version, I think this is because it's heavier so not much pressure is needed. 

This pen has become my go to everyday carry pen, the compact size is perfect for this. The cap screws on and is very secure so I have no worries about throwing this in my pocket or a bag and having the cap come off spilling ink everywhere. 

Having a standard international fitting for ink cartridges is super convenient too. Although because of the size it can only accept short cartridges. I did try the Kaweco squeeze converter with my AL Sport and I think it will be the first and last time I use it. I'm not a huge fan of squeeze converters at the best of times but the Kaweco one really isn't designed very well. But because it can take international compatible converters this isn't too bothersome. 

Some people may be put off from this material in a pen, it is very prone to being scratched and because of it being polished they will show a lot more compared to a different finish. But for me I appreciate that look, it will show that it is used and loved. I just know it will age really nicely over time. 

I really have nothing bad to say about my AL Sport, I quickly fell in love with using it and look forward to using it in the future!

Thank you to Pen Chalet for supplying this sample. You can find this pen and all other pens by Kaweco as well as many other brands over on Pen Chalet. 

Thanks for reading!

Posted on October 14, 2014 and filed under Pen Review.