Word. x Hellbrand Leatherworks Leather Notebook Cover Review

If there's one thing I love more than paper and pens it's leather accessories. Before my stationery addiction became a real problem thing I would always be sporting a leather bag, belt or something of the sort. But now I'm more interested in pen cases and notebook covers!

Since discovering brands that create great utility sized notebooks like Word., Field Notes and Doane, they have become something that I carry with me daily for lists and journaling. So it was only natural that I needed to upgrade my daily note taking to have a beautiful leathery skin, right?

I've been trying out this leather cover from Word. for a few months now and I am completely head over heels. It has a classic style to it, with stitched edges and leather pockets on the inside covers. A much better design in comparison to others I've seen that are a single sheet of leather with elastic that holds notebooks in place (à la Midori/Fauxdori Style).

All of these leather covers are crafted by Hellbrand Leatherworks in sunny Florida. They’re available in three different leathers, two of which I’ve had the pleasure to experience.
Tan is the one I’ve been road testing for myself, it’s a gorgeous un-treated leather which has more of a ‘natural’ look to it. The matte texture takes scuffs and nicks beautifully which means the more you use it the more character and beauty it gets.
I was also sent one in Brown which is really nice, it’s more of a glossy leather which is softer to the touch. Although it was hard to resist using that, I wanted to save it to share with one of my readers (stay tuned for that :D).
They also have a black version which appears to have the same leather and feel as the brown, just in a darker colour. Tan and Brown have lovely contrast stitching and the black has a matching black stitching which looks extremely smart.
On the rear of each cover the Word. logo is embossed and on the interior there is an embossed Hellbrand Leatherworks logo, the detail and little touches add to the luxury of these items!

Each notebook cover retails for $49 (approx. £31) on the Word. Notebooks website and is available with free monogram embossing, which would make for an excellent gift for any note taker! They also have a smaller version made to perfectly fit the Word. Standard Memorandum journal (side note, the 2015 Standard Memorandum is now available here!) which retails for $40 and is available here in the same three leathers as the notebook covers. 

Because of the layout of pockets on these covers they can easily hold two pocket sized notebooks from the jump, although with a little creativity and MacGyvering you could add a couple more with the aid of elastic bands!

I’m really enjoying using these notebook covers and they’ve made me fall in love with Word. even more.

Big thanks to Word. for supplying these leather beauties for review.

Thanks for reading!

Posted on November 26, 2014 and filed under Desk Accessories.