Monteverde Intima Fountain Pen Review

My pen collection on a whole is full of quite similar pens, all unique in their own right but each and every one of them follows the same sort of style. Simple and clean, mixing classic design with a modern twist. I thought I would switch things up with a pen from Monteverde. This isn't a new brand to me, in fact they were one of the first brands I bought inks from (they make Lamy compatible cartridges, great for beginners wanting to expand their ink collection without venturing into bottled ink). But I decided to steer away from the plain design to something with a gorgeous resin body.

Patterned cast resin pens like the Intima are quite popular and these types of pens are manufactured in many different styles by a lot of different pen brands. I chose the Intima because it still has a simplistic look to it, with the contrasting black accents while still having a beautiful resin body. The grip section is shaped to allow the curves of your fingertips to hold on perfectly. With it being made of a glossy material I think that is necessary, without that shape I feel it would be difficult to hold but I have had no problems.
The clip is also black, and is very strong but at the same time quite flexible. It has a curved S shape which makes clipping onto a pocket or a notebook so easy.
It is available in 4 different colourways, I chose 'Glacier Blue'. That name couldn't be more fitting, majority of the body is a frosted white but it has streaks of blue swirling through. It has what I can only describe as a pearlized finish. It doesn't have sparkle in the resin but a sheen that catches the light beautifully, and with the glossy finish of the material it is absolutely stunning.

I decided on a broad nib for this pen, I usually go for a fine or an extra-fine but as I was venturing away from my usual I thought I would follow suit with the nib and I couldn't be more pleased with my decision. It writes incredibly smooth, glides across the page with ease and I haven't experienced any skipping or ink flow issues at all. It does dispense more ink than most pens I've tried so you really do need to be careful on the type of paper you use. This isn't an issue just a precaution to take and the ink flow just makes for a smoother more enjoyable writing experience! The nib is made from stainless steel which doesn't have any flexibility to it which may be a problem if you're heavy handed while writing.

Everything on this pen screws to secure, the cap, the body to the grip section and even the supplied converter all screw into place. It's the first time I've ever experienced a converter that screws into the pen but it actually adds a little peace of mind knowing that it couldn't possibly fall out of place accidentally. The body and the cap screwing into place is nothing new, however I feel like the screw connection is a little longer than I would like it to be. It takes 2 full rotations to open the cap and 7.5 full rotations to open the body from the grip section. Not a major issue just a little excessive compared to the easy access I'm used to. There is one thing which isn't secured via screw and that is posting the cap. Although this pen is postable, I've found that it doesn't secure on to the end of the pen perfectly so I personally don't post with this pen. But the weight and balance of this pen feels fine whether it is posted or not!

Like I mentioned earlier it comes supplied with a piston converter but also comes with 2 ink cartridges in blue and black. This pen accepts standard international cartridges so it wont be an issue finding an ink that works for you. It also comes supplied in a Monteverde gift box which is really nice, ready to be given as a gift or just adds to the luxury of a treat for yourself!

The Monteverde Intima has a RRP of $65 (approx. £41) but is currently available from Pen Chalet discounted at $52 (approx. £33).

Thanks for reading!

Posted on December 10, 2014 and filed under Pen Review.