My Fountain Pen Journey (So far...) - Part two

In part one of this mini-series I shared with you how I'd started my fountain pen fascination with four Lamy's, if you missed that post you can click here to catch up!

So after my AL-Star it was a couple of months before I wanted to add to my collection, although I had still been browsing through different stores. There was a lot of images I came across showing old Safari Limited Editions that all looked so great! However there was one that especially caught my eye, the Aquamarine from 2011. As soon as I saw it I knew it had to be mine. I was searching around for a while, the prices on eBay were way over my budget. I started to think that because it was a Limited Edition from a few years ago I may be out of luck to get one for a fair price.

Lamy Safari Aquamarine

I reached out on my social media in hopes that someone could help me. I was in luck, someone posted on my Facebook page that there was one on a Japanese stationery store ( for RRP. I ordered it immediately! They only had one left with an EF nib, this was great as I hadn't tried that size before. I eagerly waited a few weeks for it to fly accross two continents and clear customs. Once it was in my hands it exceeded all of my expectations, it's no secret that I love all things blue, and the shade of this was absolutely perfect! I got some Lamy turquoise ink cartridges in readiness and they worked great! To this day it is still my favourite fountain pen!

Whilst on the hunt for my aquamarine I was searching on one of my go-to Japanese stores, Stationery ArtThey have a selection of Lamy's, they had the aquamarine but not in stock. But I did come across the white Safari. I'd briefly seen it around before but I never really took much notice of it until now. It looked really beautiful in their pictures. I had been wanting something to use grey ink. I always love using grey ink and knew i'd be able to find some great shades in bottled ink. They had the white Safari for quite a competitive price so I ordered one with a F nib along with a converter.

As i'm an existing customer of theirs, I already knew their shipping was fast with a good price. While I was waiting for this to arrive I was researching inks. Goulet Pens is always a great resource for inks, they have marvellous images of all the inks they sell. I decided on Diamine grey. Cult Pens is my favourite stationery store in the UK, their service and shipping is second to none so I ordered a 30ml bottle from them. 

Lamy Safari White

The white Safari made it's way from Japan and it was just as beautiful in person, it was time to finally take the step into the world of bottled ink! I Don't know why I was so apprehensive, with the guidance of YouTube videos and tutorials it was a simple, clean and quick process to fill up my new pen with the lovely grey ink! 

These two additions to my Larmy (Lamy army) brought me to the end of 2013.
I know last week I said part two would bring us up to date with my collection but this is becoming a longer story than anticipated!
Next week I will talk about my latest Larmy additions and how I came to the decision to change things up with a TWSBI.

Thanks for reading!


Posted on February 16, 2014 and filed under Story Time.