How Many is Too Many?

I was just browsing through my Twitter feed as I often do when I want find something to entertain me for a while. I saw that my friend Danni had just posted to the communal blog she writes on, Four Words Four Lives. This is a response to her post so if you haven't already click here to read that first!

Today she was talking about her abundance of pens, that's a better way of saying too many. I don't believe there can ever be too many of anything where stationery is concerned but thats my inner hoarder speaking.

It got me thinking, how many pens is actually too many? Anyone who follows my Instagram or YouTube has seen the constant stream of writing instruments that come into my life. Whether it be from purchases, product samples or gifts there is always a new pen or two being added to my collection.

My pencil case as it is today, Kipling Freedom pencil case in Black Snake.  Some pens shown;

-Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto
-Lamy Vista, Safari White, Safari Aquamarine
-TWSBI Mini Classic - w/ Diamine Grape ink
-Sharpie Pen (no bleed) Black
-Blackwing Pearl
-Blackwing Long Point sharpener

The problem I have with pens is when I find something I really like, I will stick to it for a long time. In my pencil case and Filofax I keep the same pens in them that I carry around daily. The only thing that really changes is the fountain pens and ink thats in them. For everything else I stay in the safe zone of things I know I enjoy to write with. Don't get me wrong I'm not the sort of person to abandon my pens and leave them to grow old without the true love and care pens deserve. I always go through my cases and bags that hold my hoards of pens and find something new to have a play around with. But for everyday use I will go to my pencil case to grab for my trusted tools.

Pencils I don't have such a problem with, I was never really a big pencil user so I never bought any, there is of course the usual free promotional pencils that seem to weed their way into my collection but they never stay there long, usually ending up in the junk draw to never be seen again. This was all until I discovered Blacking pencils. I had heard about their history and the hype they have and knew I needed to try some. I bought some sample packs to try out and fell in love, since then I haven't purchased any other pencils. Although I have found myself browsing mechanical pencils & drafting pencils recently... Eek.

To say I don't write extraordinary amounts daily you would probably ask why do I need so many? Well that's a question I think most pen addicts will never be able to answer, it's one of life's many mysteries. All I know is I enjoy trying out new things and it makes me happy, so I will probably carry on with it!

I'd love to hear your thoughts & experiences with pen hoarding... collecting.

Thanks for reading!


Posted on February 19, 2014 and filed under Story Time.