My Fountain Pen Journey (So far...) - Part three

In the first two posts in this series I spoke about how I got back into fountain pens and became hooked on them ever since, starting a collection of Lamy's that I fondly call my Larmy! After getting the Aquamarine & White Safari's it was a few months before I thought about a new addition. However I wanted to venture away from Lamy, even though taking on the rest of the fountain pen world seemed very intimidating.

Around christmas I came across The Pen Addict podcast, I thought this would be a great resource to find pens and paper of great quality and I instantly fell in love with the show and the two guys, Myke & Brad. These fellas opened me up to a whole world of fountain pens. Just as i'd discovered the Filofax community when I began my YouTube, there was a whole community for fountain pens!

I immediately started looking up all the pens they mentioned. Weeks and weeks of research, trying to decide which pen broke my Lamy streak. I narrowed it down to TWSBI, their Diamond design looked beautiful to me. Especially the demonstrator models. I loved being able to see the mechanism inside the pen with the built in piston converter, just like my Vista's. I of course hit up YouTube to get a better idea of what they looked like when being handled and used. I decided that the Diamond Mini would suit me best, the screw posting and compact size appealed to me. The available colours did too, although making my decision harder to make! Any of you that know the TWSBI Diamond Mini will know it's available in 3 colours. Although the black looked so sleek and classy it was ruled out almost immediately, I wanted to see the ink, and the little bits and bobs that made it work. As much as I loved the clear it was too similar too my Vista's. So it came down to the Classic. Best of both worlds. Completely unique to any of my Lamy's. Success, I'd found the one!

Chosing the nib size wasn't difficult, a review on The Pen Addict showing the EF in action was enough to sway me.  I chose a small bottle of Diamine Majestic Blue ink to go with it, and a few packs of Monteverde Lamy cartridges to give a go and thus another order from Cult Pens was made!

Back to Lamy. With my new found enjoyment of Pinterest at the start of this year, I came accross so many more limited edition & discontinued colours of the Lamy Safari than I already knew of. This sparked my want for more. After months of looking all over ebay I found one of the discontinued Safari's I had my eye on, blue with all black hardware. I bid on this and won, it wasn't until I won the auction and checked the description over again that the listing was actually for a blue safari & a red safari both with black hardware. This was perfect as they both had pride of place at the top of my Lamy wishlist! These are the latest members to my Larmy... For now...

My fountain pen collection, from left to right
TWSBI Mini Classic
Lamy Safari in Aquamarine, White, Blue (Black Hardware) & Red (Black Hardware)
Lamy Vista's
Lamy AL-Star Black

Which brings us to today, eight pens in tote and one that I am soon to get and try out but that can wait for another time. As for the future I don't have any immediate plans for more pens but inks I do have my eye on. I'm slowly making my way to all bottled ink. Mainly for my aquamarine Safari, i'm on a self appointed quest to find a turquoise to perfectly match the blue shade of the barrell. I have a few lined up I think will be great contenders! 

I'm planning on keeping my journey through penmanship updated as necessary, and possibly some rviews on my weapons of choice from this not-so-in-the-know fountain pen enthusiast!

Thanks for reading!


Posted on February 22, 2014 and filed under Story Time.