Welcome to my new home, The Desk of Adam!

So what is The Desk of Adam? ..And who is Adam?

I'm Adam, although some of you may know me as Adamsfilo.
Well let's start with the basics, I'm 19 and from the sunny island of Great Britain.
A stationery addict, organisation junkie, paper lover & fountain pen enthusiast all rolled into one. There are many other random interests I have, but these ones are the big ones that I love to share with everyone!

Since early 2013 I have been creating content for my YouTube channel and Instagram. It all started with me sharing my Filofax's and organisation but soon turned into a whole bunch of stationery related things with bits of my life thrown into the mix. I have been doing a weekly vlog every sunday for the past 6 months where I share what's been happening in my week which has become quite the ritual for me and my viewers!

If you wish to check out some of my videos you can go to my YouTube channel (..and subscribe if you like what you see :D) or head over to my Social Feed page to watch some directly from there!

Now for The Desk of Adam, this will be the place I can keep everything together. Keeping track of all things posted on various Adamsfilo accounts, another platform to share more of my interests instead of just in video form. I think this will be a great place to start interacting with the many different communities that inspire me constantly and never cease to amaze me! And hopefully writing this blog will become a great new hobby for me!

So in short this will be an amalgamation of all of my internet presence rolled into one website. 

Using the menu at the top of each page you can check out what things i've been posting elsewhere by using the Social Feed page under the Adamsfilo tab. See what things i'm writing about  by visiting the Blog under the The Desk of Adam tab, also under this tab you'll find a Recommendations page, where there is a list of stores, blogs and other great things that I check out all the time. Or if theres anything else you wish to know or just want to get in touch with me for a chat or quick hello then theres a Contact page under the Info tab!

I think that's everything for now, I hope you all enjoy what I've created here, it's been a fun little project so far and i'm very excited to see how it turns out!

Thanks for reading!


Posted on February 8, 2014 .