My Fountain Pen Journey (So far...) - Part one

Since starting 'The Desk of Adam' my plan was to expand my content to other stationery items. I'm starting as I mean to go on by talking about fountain pens, the new apple of my eye. These have become a real big part of my stationery hoarding life. I got the bug and I got it bad, but I'm not complaining!

Until last year it had been a long time since I used/owned a fountain pen. When I was in school me and my friends all thought it was cool to use pens that needed ink cartridges and made a mess. Needless to say the ones we had were extremely cheap and low quality, with that said I really did enjoy writing with them.

So early last year I got back into stationery big time, I became a stationery, pen & paper junkie. It was a while before these tools came back up on my radar. By being a YouTuber  I generally watched a lot of YouTube videos, which is where I got most of my inspiration for things I'd love to try out. One day a Lamy Safari popped up and I fell in love with the design of it.

I began to look up Safari's and found all of the beautifully vivid colours that it has been made in. I knew I had to try one out. The problem is i'm extremely fussy with picking the colour of something I want. I went back and forth between a few until I saw the Vista, it was perfect! The crystal clear plastic got rid of all of my worries, it has the same great design I fell in love with and the coolest part was I could see all the parts inside that made it work.

I ordered one straight away, I thought my best bet to start me off would be a medium nib. Along with a set of blue-black cartridges. Just like that I had started something, started a whole new hobby, started an ever growing collection.

It had been a good month using my Vista until I started to grow bored of using the blue-black ink all the time. I wanted variety, but I didn't want to clean out my pen every time I fancied a change. I finally gave in and bought a second, this time a Safari. My second most 'go-to' ink colour at the time was black, so I chose a Charcoal Safari with a medium nib. When it came I liked it but something just wasn't right. The Vista felt so much nicer to write with. It was the matte texture of that Safari that I wasn't getting along with. The shiny material of the Vista was much more enjoyable.

In the midst of all this I had shared my Vista with my dad and he really enjoyed it so I picked one up for him. He was enjoying it but when I showed the charcoal Safari to him he liked that one much more. Perfect! We switched and both ended up much happier with our Lamy's.

Although, I still wanted a black coloured fountain pen. After some more looking round I discovered the AL-Star. The aluminium version of the Safari. I decided to try something else new with a fine nib. It was much more enjoyable than the charcoal Safari. I still use my AL-Star to this day for black ink!

That will be all for part 1 of my 'Fountain Pen Journey (So far...)' mini-series. Next week i'll bring you up to date and talk about how my collection grew to 8 fountain pens!

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Posted on February 10, 2014 and filed under Story Time.