Jet Pens Stationery Review

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Raymay Pencut Mini

Raymay's Pencut products are the best portable scissors I have ever used. They're outstanding quality but with the portability they have makes them such a perfect tool! Even though they are so compact and small, measuring only 9.4cm, they are still incredibly comfortable to use! (surprising with my big ol' man hands haha)
With the way these are designed both left and right handed people can use these without a problem.

RRP - $8.25

Sonic Nobirura

This is a really genius product, I feel this is how extendable rules should have always been made. Two peices that slide together and pull out to create a full 30cm ruler with one seamless edge! Theres nothing more to  say than it just works, I must also note that when extending this ruler it fits into position with a very satisfying snap. Lovely.

RRP - $4.95

Pilot Color Eno Mechanical Pencil 0.7mm

I've never been much of a mechanical pencil user, in fact it's only been in the last couple of months that i've been using pencils at all. But these Color Eno pencils from Pilot really intrigued me, a coloured lead thats also eraseable? You must be crazy!
But no these actually work delightfully. True to form you can erase using the 'built-in' eraser or any other eraser of your choosing. The rubberized grip is very comfortable to hold and write/draw with and the blue shade of this lead is a really great colour. There are eight different colours available all with matching lead colour so there's sure to be a match for everyone. 

Pencil RRP - $2.75
Lead Refill RRP - $1.65

A huge thank you to Jet Pens for wanting to join up with me and supplying these products for me to test out!

Thanks for reading.

Posted on March 8, 2014 .