Paper Review - Doane Paper

One of my favourite things to try out, apart from pens, is new paper! I love discovering new brands and types of notebooks.

When I came across Doane Paper the unique lining immediately had me intrigued. I think grid  paper is my most used, it's great for note taking and sketches/doodles. Although I often prefer lined pages for longer notes. Doane Paper combines both of these in a really great way, the grid lines are the perfect size but aren't too distracting when you just want to use as regular lined sheets.

There is a wide range of journals, notepads & notebooks available from Doane Paper. As well as leather accessories & pens to use with their paper goods.

The products shown in this review are the small notepads ($10), large notepads ($16) and small utility notebooks ($10). All of which come in packs of three.

I keep notepads all over the place, I use them to jot down any and every thought I have. I have been using Doane notepads for this for the last few months and they have been perfect!
I have been using the utility notebooks alongside my field notes notebooks for everyday note-taking and list writing.

The paper quality is nice, it isn't brilliant but depending on your tool of choice it can be an enjoyable experience. The notepads have "20 LB Bond Smooth Stock writing paper" whereas the utility notebooks have a slightly thicker "60 LB Text Stock content pages" which is 100% recycled. I've found fountain pens to be a no go, but gel and ballpoint have been my favourite's to use! 

Overall I have become a huge fan of Doane Paper's products, the only downside is that they only ship within the US, luckily I had a good friend who could help me get my hands on these to try them. Hopefully soon enough they offer international shipping so we can all enjoy the wonderful 'grid+lines' combo!

Until then if you want to give the 'grid+lines' paper before getting your hands on the physical products, Doane Paper have a free printable version available on their website. Link below.

Check out Doane Paper and all the wonderful papery goods they have to offer by heading over to their store here, if you want to know some more about the history of Doane Paper you can read their story here. And to try out the paper get your free printable version here!

I hope you enjoyed the first paper review on The Desk of Adam.
Thanks for reading!

Posted on May 20, 2014 .