Yard-O-Led Ink Review

Along with my Yard-O-Led Retro standard fountain pen (review here) I also got a full set of the inks Yard-O-Led makes. I thought I would do a post showcasing them all and giving a little review on each colour.

Yard-O-Led have a line of bottled inks in 6 different colours, each come in a glass bottle filled with 28.4ml of ink. The colours offered are Blue, Blue Black, Claret, Jet Black, Sepia & Turquoise. All retailing for £5. I think the price is fair for the amount you get and the quality of ink, it's quite a competitive price in comparison to other brands. They also offer international cartridges in both Blue and Black priced at £2.50 for 6.

Below you will find a scanned sheet for each ink which has both the review and some tests with the ink on Rhodia 80g grid paper. These images have not been altered so the colours are as true to life as I could make them, please bear in mind that different monitors may show colours differently so this is not an exact representation of inks colour.  I'm using the same pen for each ink for some sort of fairness.

This is my first ink review and I'm not used to making my handwriting presentable for others to read. Although I did try my best, if you're struggling to read what I've put I will also type them up, just hover over each image to read my short review.

When you think of blue ink, this is the colour you imagine it to be. A true royal blue. Not too dull but not too bright, just right! This has some nice subtle shading. Flow is just fine, not too wet & dries quite quickly on most papers. a good standard blue ink!

This is a truly gorgeous navy shade. Has more of a teal look to it in comparison to other blue blacks I have tried. which I love. Shading on the blue black is really nice also. This isn't such a wet ink, even with 3 layers above there is barely even a shadow on the other side. But it still writes incredibly smooth!

Out of the range of Y-O-L inks, this is my least favourite. There's nothing particularly wrong with it, it just doesn't stand out to me in any way. I prefer my blacks to be deep & bold. Although the consistency is nice, writes smooth but not too wet. It's a good basic black but not one I will reach for often.

This is a stunning deep fuchsia/raspberry shade but in the right light it turns into a lovely purple colour! So beautiful to write with. This is a close second for smoothness, seems to flow more than the others so be careful with paper choice. I really have been enjoying this ink, it has made its way into my load-out quite frequently!

This ink surprised me, I didn't expect myself to like it as much as I do. But the amber colour is really something different for me. I'd say this is the smoothest out of all the Y-O-L inks. There's also some subtly shading with this muted gold shade which I love!

I am completely in love with this ink! Such a vivid shade of blue, this shading is really nice. Creates two beautiful shades. This ink is quite wet so I would be wary of what paper I use it with. But I don't mind because it's such a perfect colour. For reference it's almost a perfect match for the colour of the barrel of the Lamy Safari in Aquamarine. Stunning!

You can find all of the Yard-O-Led inks over at Filofax as well as all of their writing instruments, click here.

I hope you enjoyed this look into this awesome line of inks, thanks for reading!

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Posted on July 23, 2014 and filed under Ink Review.