Nock Co. Hightower - Review

I first heard about Nock through the 'Pen Addict' podcast. Brad Dowdy is half of the genius behind the brand. Their aim was to create a pen case that was not only practical but well designed. The project started as a Kickstarter and exceeded its goal by more than 15 times! Needless to say they had created something that we liked, we NEEDED.

Although by the time I had discovered Nock, the kickstarter had just ended so I was left to wait for their store to open. But it was well worth the wait.

I picked up a Hightower in the colourway 'Midnight/Blue Jay'. The exterior, Midnight, is a lovely deep navy shade. And the interior, Blue Jay, was the whole reason for me picking this combination. It is a stunningly vivid turquoise. A truly beautiful combination of blues. They do have the Blue Jay interior with a few different exteriors, Mandarin (a deep orange) and Steel (a nice warm toned grey). If the option was available I would have chosen Steel / Blue Jay but I couldn't wait any longer. This just means I'll have to pick up a different model in that combo!

Now on to the Hightower.. (RRP $20)

This is a bi-folding pen wallet with 3 pen pockets on one side and 1 memo book pocket on the other. Made from two different types of nylon this baby is made to last. The exterior is coated and the materiel feels a little bit softer than the interior, making it feel really great to hold and also adding some cushioning to protect your pens.

As you will see in the photos, your pens clip onto their pockets to keep them secure and make it easy to distinguish what you're carrying. There is also a flap that comes down and over the pen pockets to further protect your pens and to make sure they don't fall out.
I didn't have any problems with any of my pens in the Hightower. My fatter, longer pens fit snug but not tight as the material has a little bit of give and my pocket pens clipped on perfectly.

The memo book pocket is made to fit your standard 3.5"x5.5" notebooks perfectly. Which is great as I'm usually carrying a Field Notes or Word. Notebooks memo book around with me everywhere I go.

This little thing has been my dream companion for my everyday carry. Being able to carry up to 3 of my favourite pens all safe and secure has been really great.

Another big thing about Nock Co. is their products quality. All of their products are handmade in the USA and the attention to detail in all aspects of construction is impeccable. I could not find a single fault while checking over my Hightower and the few weeks I've been carrying this, it's still just like brand new! I can tell this is built to withstand all of your pen carrying needs.

With my Nock Co. order I also picked up one of their most recent releases, some 'dot-dash' paper products. Look forward to a post on those soon!

I've been loving my Hightower so far, I hope you enjoyed reading what I thought about it.

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Thanks for reading!

Posted on August 16, 2014 and filed under Desk Accessories.