Sheaffer Giveaway - Pen Chalet

Sheaffer have recently celebrated their 100 year anniversary and to join in on the celebrations Pen Chalet is holding a giveaway for some commemorative items from the pen brand.

I've heard nothing but good feedback from the reviews I've read on Sheaffer's pens and they're definitely high up on my wish list to try. As part of the anniversary a book has been made to showcase the history of the brand, as well as 350 commemorative coins.


This coin was commissioned by the Sheaffer Pen Museum and is made from antique silver. The finished coin measures 2 inches in diameter. One side of the coin features a gold plated Sheaffer Lifetime nib while the opposite side depicts a hand writing with a Sheaffer pen.

Pen Chalet is giving 3 people the chance to get their hands on some of these fun items, head over to the Pen Chalet blog (here) to read more about Sheaffer and how you can enter.

Thanks for reading, good luck to those who enter!

Posted on September 25, 2014 .