Sheaffer Sagaris Fountain Pen Review

Mixing luxury with comfort and affordability in fountain pens is something that a lot of companies try to achieve, I think Sheaffer have done a pretty good job with the Sagaris. This is a brand that I've known of, just hasn't been on my radar enough to actually pick one up, but since playing around with this model I wish I'd have tried one earlier. When first looking at their line up, Sheaffer may seem to be on the higher end of the average 'penmans' budget but they do have a couple bargains thrown into the mix.

The Sagaris is a slimline, lightweight pen made available in a variety of materials and finishes, that can come as either a fountain, ballpoint or rollerball pen. Of course, I'm much more comfortable with fountain pens, and the model I have is in a 'metallic brown' finish. The metal body has a gorgeous deep muted brown colour and it catches the light in a really nice way, it has a slight shimmer to it with a really slick satin finish.

Whoever designed this pen definitely hit the nail on the head. It's a simple and classic design but one that really works. It tapers slightly towards the tip of the pen and the tip of the cap which makes the Sagaris incredibly sleek and pleasing to the eye. Chrome trims and finials contrast nicely against the truffle shade of this pen. The matching chrome pocket clip which follows the contours of the cap is adorned with the iconic Sheaffer white dot. It's a surprisingly strong, flexible clip that I have no concerns about bending or breaking, simply put it's functional. At the end of the cap is a chrome band engraved with "Sheaffer". This cap has a very secure snap closure with one of the most gratifying snaps you will experience, it's a good thing.

The body leads to another chrome band that joins to the grip section which is made of a glossy resin material. Following the slimline theme the grip is also quite thin, which suits me fine as I find thinner pens more comfortable to write with. There is a slight lip before the nib where the grip section gets thicker stopping your fingers from slipping onto the nib. I found the Sagaris highly enjoyable to hold and write with for any length of time. It's a good length to use unposted without any difficulties but with the cap being so lightweight it doesn't become unbalanced if you prefer to use it in the posted position.

This model comes with stainless steel nib available in fine or medium, I have the medium grade and it has really made me fall back in love with a thicker nib. I tend to gravitate towards fine or extra fine but I forgot how nice medium and bold nibs were. The nib has quite a decent amount of flexibility if you add slight pressure which I enjoy. From the moment I first inked up this Sagaris it was writing like a dream, incredibly smooth and gliding across the page with no skipping or scratching. There's a good constant flow of ink, borderline a little too much. It can be quite a wet writer so I'd be cautious about your paper choice with this one. But that won't stop me from picking this up to write with, considering how fluid the writing experience is overall.

There is one drawback which isn't such a big deal to me but it's important to point out. This pen will only accept proprietary cartridges and converters, I've become used to this being a lover of Pilot and Lamy pens but it's still something that needs to be noted. However it does come supplied with 2 compatible ink cartridges and a very high quality piston converter which makes up for it.

The Sagaris line by Sheaffer starts at an RRP of £50 (approx. $77) but is available at a few retailers, such as Pure Pens (UK) Goulet Pens (USA) Pen Chalet (USA), at a discounted price. It comes supplied in a Sheaffer branded gift box with all of the previously mentioned cartridges and converter included. At this price point it's definitely a step up from your average starter pen but would make a great gift for anyone (or yourself) looking to expand their collection.

A big thanks to Sheaffer for supplying this review model.

Thanks for reading!

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Posted on February 12, 2015 and filed under Pen Review.