Pilot Custom Heritage 92 Fountain Pen Review

You may remember last year I wrote a review of the Pilot Prera, which can be found here if you missed it. It's been a staple pen ever since I first got my hands on it, I'd even go as far to say it was a favourite. But there was always another pen that stood out to me as a majorly upgraded version of the Prera. With a built in piston and a 14k gold nib it sets itself higher than the Prera. But there are quite a few similarities where the design is concerned.

The Custom Heritage 92 is foremost a demonstrator fountain pen with tinted finials in a smoke shade. I've mentioned in previous posts that demonstrators are my favourite types of fountain pen, being able to see the ink and working mechanisms of the pen is something I love. Just like the Prera, the end of the cap and finial on the body of the pen are tinted. The grip section of this pen is also tinted this same shade. This model however is only available one colour, a smoke grey.

One of my issues with the Prera was a white section within the cap that blocked my view of the nib when the cap was on. While the Custom Heritage also has an insert in the cap this one is slightly transparent with the same grey tint tgat runs throughout. Being able to see the nib of the pen is a minor detail but one I enjoy.

Overall it's quite a lightweight pen, even when filled to capacity (1.2ml) with ink. The resin body and cap is extremely sleek, fitting in the hand very comfortably. Slightly longer than the Prera it becomes a regular full size pen that I'm able to use posted or unposted without any issues, and even with the cap posted it doesn't become unbalanced. The cap screws into position to close and only takes 2 full rotations to seal the pen fully, which is nice to see as one thing that bugs me is not being able to access and use a pen quickly and with ease.

On to the important part of the pen, the nib. I chose an F nib, the same as I have in my Prera, I can comfortably write with that size all day. But as the Custom Heritage 92 comes with a gold nib I wanted to see how different it can be from the already smooth stainless steel alternative that comes with many Pilot pens. I truly had no idea how much smoother an F nib could be, it glides over paper with minimal pressure needed, I haven't experienced any scratching or dragging across the page. One thing I wasn't expecting was the slight flex this nib has, adding slightly more pressure when writing creates subtle line variations while still upholding a fluid writing experience.

Definitely on the higher end of the budget with a RRP of $275 (approx. £180) this fountain pen can easily be classed as a luxury. Is it worth that price tag? If you can afford it I would definitely say so, I've found it difficult to use any other pen since inking the Custom Heritage 92 up. Although it is always nice to get a pen at a discounted price, Pen Chalet currently have this model on sale at $220 (approx. £144). Click here to see more details over at Pen Chalet.

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Posted on February 5, 2015 and filed under Pen Review.