February 2015 Fav Ink Combo's

In the last couple of months I've stuck with very similar ink choices, going with what I know I enjoy and not experimenting all that much.

I seem to be a creature of habit, I almost always have at least one Lamy fountain pen inked up and I definitely have blue ink in a pen at all times.

My Pilot Custom Heritage 92 has really become a favourite of mine. It certainly hasn't left my hand since I got it a few months back. If you want to see more of this beautiful pen, read my review of it here. I tend to stick with black inks for this pen, weird personal preference but I think they suit this pen. So naturally I filled it up with one of my all time favourite blacks - Mont Blanc Mystery Black.

I got this limited edition Lamy Safari from a Japanese store over a year ago when I first got into collecting fountain pens and it's been a staple in my lineup ever since. I was on the hunt for this model for quite some time, it was either out of stock or incredibly over priced on eBay so I made sure to snatch it when I found one for the RRP! I usually stick to turquoise shades for this pen, that closely match the beautiful colour of the pen but I felt like switching it up. And the Noodlers Ottoman Azure is irresistible!

What have been your favourite pen and ink combinations recently?

Thanks for reading.

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Posted on March 11, 2015 and filed under Fav Combo's.