London Stationery Show 2015

Earlier this week I attended the London Stationery Show with my sister. It's definitely one of the coolest opportunities I've had because of this blog so far. Getting a little insight to the workings behind the stationery market was really quite interesting.  

I did a bit of 'vlogging' while I was down in London for any of those who couldn't attend and want a peek at what a stationery trade show looks like. It was pretty fun, and slightly daunting, networking and putting myself out there making connections. 

I also got the chance to meet up with fellow blogger Tessa (if you don't read her blog already, you're missing out - AllThingsStationery). Which was a complete delight, she is a SWEETHEART!!  

Overall we had a great day and it was a great way to celebrate National Stationery Week! 

Thanks for reading (and watching)!

Posted on May 1, 2015 .