Pelikan Edelstein Ink Review - Topaz

No matter how many inks I try I always come back to blue, especially turquoise. And I think I might have just come across my new favourite.

I've wanted to try Pelikan inks for a while now, the Edelstein range has some stunning colours so it was really tough to make a decision but I'm definitely pleased with what I chose. In the market Pelikan is up there amongst the best, their pens come highly recommended because of their quality and I was hoping their inks were just as good.

When I think of Topaz I see a deep rich aqua shade and the name really doesn't disappoint. The colour is really beautiful, a bright turquoise with deeper blue shading and I can't get enough of it. As far as the ink quality goes, I'm very impressed. Flow is great, wetter than other inks I've tried but not too wet that it takes forever to dry. The combination of this ink with a nice quality pen comes together to make an incredibly smooth writing experience.

Adding to the luxury of Pelikan's inks is the bottle. It's quite special compared to just a standard glass ink bottle. It's a nice curved cube with a wide opening, however I have some doubts that the shape could cause some issues filling up a pen when coming to the end of the bottle. But I'll attack that hurdle when I get to it, for now I'm just going to enjoy this stunning ink.

All of the Edelstein inks, a range of 10 gemstone inspired colours, are available in 50ml bottles at an RRP of $28 (approx. £17-18) and can be found at a discounted price over on Pen Chalet. Most ink collections have a handful of colours that outshine the rest but from the shades in this line up each one looks just as nice as the next. I have a strong feeling this wont be the last Pelikan ink review on 'The Desk of Adam'

Thanks for reading!

Posted on May 16, 2015 and filed under Ink Review.