Pocket Notebooks Haul

I've been so excited to order from Pocket Notebooks ever since I first discovered them. They're a UK based store that specialises in, you guessed it, pocket notebooks. They stock a handful of brands including my favourites, Field Notes and Word. Notebooks (which I've talked about before here).

One of the things I love most about these brands is they always come out with fresh new designs throughout the year, and that makes the collector/hoarder in me a very happy boy. But being based in the UK has it's downsides and in this circumstance that means either waiting for stores over here to stock the new designs or paying for international shipping. Not anymore though!

I picked up some of the new Word. Notebooks designs, entitled 'Mountain', from Pocket Notebooks only 3 weeks after they were first announced. And with free UK shipping what more could you need?

Watch the video below where I showcase the new designs and talk more about Pocket Notebooks.

While we're talking about Pocket Notebooks, allow me to plug the little Q&A I did over on their blog a few weeks ago, I had a fun time with it. You can read it here, if you fancy. I talk a little about my love of all things stationery, but what's new there? Some of my favourite stationery bloggers have also been featured over there, so make sure to read through those too.

Go ahead and show Pocket Notebooks some love social media while you're at it, they're over on Twitter and Instagram!

Thanks for reading!

Posted on August 22, 2015 and filed under Paper Review.