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Today I'm starting a new segment which I've been wanting to do for a long time, a look inside the day to day stationery lives from some of my favourite bloggers. I always love learning what peoples favourite stationery picks are but I was intrigued to know what top 5 stationery items they use most on a day to day basis.

I couldn't be happier to have Tj for my first guest, the quality of his content is forever on point and a constant inspiration to keep improving the quality of anything I create. I first came accross Tj, I believe, through Instagram and have loved what he does ever since. He blogs over on Wood & Graphite as well as creating outstanding videos for his YouTube channel. His most recent video, a parody of the Apple Pencil, is a testament to his attention to detail and filmmaking talent.

Big thanks to Tj for stopping by the DOA blog today! You can also find Tj across social media, which I highly recommend doing, all of the links can be found at the end of this post.

A top 5 was hard to narrow down as I’m always testing stuff and finding new favourites. These are the things I use most often in my work and life, each one doing it’s bit to contribute to my productivity and creativity. I’ve left out the obvious, as a passionate purveyor of pencils, I thought it redundant to list them here.

Legal Pad

I discovered these through the Erasable podcast and I’m told they are quite common in the US. It’s essentially a typical UK fullback, but the ruling is a little different and all the pages are yellow. I love the yellow paper, and find it much easier to sketch, write and draw on these than normal white paper. I use this as a scratch pad or note page for short term notes or projects. A typical use case might be writing edit notes for a video, sketching out blog post bullets, recording meeting notes or even planning a letter. I purchased this one from Paperchase in the UK for £3.50. 

Post It Notes

I live and die by the post it. This is by far my most used paper product, and I go through them at a fierce rate. I have a variety of sizes and colours, and they get doled out for all kinds of uses. Sometimes I’ll write memos to myself or my girlfriend, or I’ll jot down quick video notes while I’m editing. The adhesive lets me stick them to my desk (helpful if the window is open) my whiteboard (the central hub for filmmaking work) or walls/computer/lamps/significant others. To me, the post it is the ultimate disposable paper, I use them for extremely short term notes, minutes or hours rather than days or weeks. Most of the rubbish in my office trash can is paper, which I try and recycle as best as possible, save the planet kids. These were bought from a variety of sources, but I love the giant size ones, which were only £1.50 from Tesco in the UK. 

Classroom Friendly Sharpener

This was a bit of a decadent purchase, I imported this sharpener from the States and it cost probably 10 times as much as any other sharpener I own, but man is it worth it. It’s a rotary sharpener and a darn good one at that. It leaves a super sharp and smooth point on pencils, and is my go to when I’m in the office. Another product enthusiastically suggested by the Erasable podcast, the Classroom Friendly is a bit of a legend among Pencil Folk. It’s solidly built and I can see it adorning my desk for decades to come. I split and order with a friend and bought from Find a buddy or two to split a 3 pack with and save yourself some money.

Koh I Noor 5.6MM Leadholder 

I’m in love with this chunky metal leadholder. It uses 5.6mm leads of which I have a large variety (HB, 2B, White Chalk, Charcoal) and is the best thing for large scale doodling or notemaking. It makes a thick dark line which is extremely satisfying, and puts those wimpy .5 mechanical pencils to shame. It’s all metal construction is hefty and feels solid and dependable. I toss it in my pocket with a pocket notebook and it serves as my daily pencil quite often. The cap unscrews to reveal a lead pointer, which means this beast is self contained and a solid option if you fancy something other than woodcase pencils. I love these leadholders so much I bought three on my latest trip abroad. I bought this one in the the Neo Luxor Palace of Books in Prague, Czech Republic and it was a steal compared to buying it online. 


A surprise entry to finish! The pencil guy, advocating a pen? The scandal, the horror! Aside from running Wood & Graphite, I’m a professional filmmaker and directer, and oftentimes on set I’ll find myself in need of a marking device somewhat more permanent than the admirable pencil. I’ve used Sharpies for years, and they have always been a stalwart companion on set. The variety of colours is great, as these are often paired with coloured tape and stuck on lights, cameras, stands, floors etc etc. I’ve got a large selection of Sharpies that I’ve picked up over the years, but my favourite colours are trusty Black, Orange, Blue and Red. 

Thanks so much for the opportunity to be on TDOA, if people want to see more of my work they can check out the Wood & Graphite blog at or catch our episodes on Youtube, just search 'Wood & Graphite’. I’m also on twitter, @team_cosgrove for me and @woodandgraphite for the blog!

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