The Hip of Adam - an update

First off, no, I'm not renaming this blog to now focus on the anatomy of hips. I just could't pass up using that title to name a blog post.

Normally I don’t use the blog for anything personal, but I would like to update you all as my content will be a reduced for a short while, don’t worry I will be back with regular content asap!

Last week I went into hospital for surgery, a total hip replacement. I've been having chronic pain in my right hip for the last 3 years, it stems from a bone disease (Perthes Disease) I had when I was young that was never treated right and has caused more problems as I’ve grown up, restricting what activities I could do.

Specialists and surgeons had tried many treatments and procedures to no benefit, and the final option to me was the hip replacement. Its a very invasive procedure and a big decision being 21 so it took me a while to finally give the go ahead but I’m hoping it will give me sort of a normal life back, a quality of life that isn’t dependant on medication to control pain.

So here we are, a week and a half post surgery. It all went well, no complications, and my surgeon and his team say it couldn't have gone better. I won't see any benefits of the surgery for a while and for the next 5 or so weeks I'm on a lot of strong pain killers and minimal weight-bearing. My physiotherapy is coming on really well and I’m seeing improvements in my strength each day. I am still in the ‘things get worse before they get better’ stage so things on 'The Desk of Adam' will be few and far between until I'm back up on my feet, so to say.

Hopefully I will be back posting my normal content here soon, if you are interested in my recovery and the more personal side of things follow my Twitter, @deskofadam

Posted on September 3, 2015 and filed under Story Time.