Wrights Notes Custom Notebook Review

More and more I've been seeing companies pop up offering custom notebooks. Most of the time allowing you to design for the cover of a notebook, or customising the colours of the cover. But Wright Notes is a little different, which was why when they first approached me I was eager to give them a go.

Tom and Lee have built a website that offers a tool for you to build your own notebook with the rulings of your choice. You have 64 double sided A5 pages to play with and you can have whatever you want on any of them. They have a wide choice of the standard popular rulings for you to pick from, as well as a few handy journal layouts, but they also offer the ability to create a custom page design, genius. The ability to construct a notebook to your specific need in low quantity is one of those "why hasn't somebody done this sooner" ideas, and the way they've gone about making this a reality is genius.

When you first go to build your notebooks through their website you're presented with a simple and straight forward tool to start picking your pages. You create sections within the notebook of rulings, you can have one section that takes up all 64 pages or you can go wild and have 32 sections if you feel that way inclined. The point is you have the flexibility to create something that suits your creative wants and needs. Even with basic rulings like lined and squared you have the option to adjust the spacing depending on what you're comfortable with, GENIUS! Small details like this are what takes Wrights to a different level. Once you've put together all of your sections you can preview it to make sure it's exactly what you want.

So what do you get? Genius notebooks.

You'll receive a set of two saddle stitched A5 notebooks. Not only is saddle stitching an incredibly durable method of binding books, it also has the advantage of laying flat when on a desk. The inside is full of white 90gsm Mohawk paper which is silky smooth and takes ink beautifully, an ideal weight for day to day use. I'd like to see more paper options in the future, just because I know how particular people like to be with their choice of paper. But for me this weight is perfect. For the cover they use a matt finish 300gsm card stock which works well. Tom has been in touch since sending out my samples to let me know they're improving on the quality of the covers. This was my only drawback when I got my hands on them, the texture didn't feel super great and although they stood up well to daily wear and tear I would preferred something with a little more texture. I was super pleased to see they've taken feedback from other users and are actively working on improving the quality. Another thing missing on the covers was a bit of branding, this doesn't affect the use or quality in any way but it would be a nice addition. On the outside these notebooks are completely blank, Wrights Notes has a wonderful logo and I would have loved to see that somewhere, but that's just me! I do know they have plans for some genius notebook jackets which I can't wait to see.

I really have enjoyed using these as little brain dump notebooks recently, When ordering mine I decided to get a mixture of each ruling to see what they'd all be like. I was really impressed to see the option for monthly and weekly calendar layouts, if I were to get another pair I'd definitely utilise these more and create some project planning notebooks with a calendar section at the start for planning details and leave the rest of the notebook for brainstorming and sketching. That's what I love about these, no matter what you need a notebook for you have the power to build something that will work best for you.

Each set of 2 custom notebooks costs £17.49 and you can build them over on WrightsNotes.com

Huge thanks to Tom and Lee for sending over some samples for me to try out!

Now go back and take a shot every time I called Wrights Notes genius, then go and order some notebooks you genius!

Posted on November 1, 2016 and filed under Paper Review.