Full Circle - The Pen Addict Podcast #208

Last week I had an opportunity that I won't forget anytime soon. Im sure you all know 'The Pen Addict' blog and podcast from Brad Dowdy. Last week I was invited to join him and Myke Hurley as a guest on the podcast. Albeit a little nerve-racking this was something I couldn't pass up.

This blog has a deep rooted history with The Pen Addict podcast, if you listen to my episode (you can listen to it at the bottom of this post!) then you'll get some back story into how I got into blogging. But to break it down, back in February of 2014 I started a Squarespace trial courtesy of Brad and Myke, I played around with some things and built this blog, then decided to stick with it.

Honestly not much has changed on The Desk of Adam since then, it still has the same design and features it had on day 1 with only a couple of optimisation tweaks. But unknown to Brad and Myke at the time, they got me into blogging. Then around 6 months after I had launched they featured me as their blog of the week on the podcast, which took me by complete surprise and gave me a strong nudge of encouragement to keep doing my thing. Since then I've had great interaction with Brad on social media and a couple of weeks ago he reached out and invited me to join him and Myke as part of the little British invasion they were having.

Two episodes before mine they had my friend Tessa, of All Things Stationery, as a guest to kick things off. Then episode #208 came around and it was my turn. It seemed so fitting, The Desk of Adam coming full circle. It all started because of the podcast and now I'm lucky enough to have been a guest on it! I had a great time with the guys, it was slightly surreal to begin with. It felt like I was just listening to another one of their episodes but then remembering I was actually having a conversation with them took a while to get used to. I now know what Tessa was saying in her post about her episode.

If you haven't already, give it a listen below or over on Relay Fm where you can find links to everything mentioned during the episode. You can also find it by searching "The Pen Addict" on any podcast app or Spotify.

A huge thanks to Brad and Myke for having me on, and thank you for reading and listening!

Posted on June 14, 2016 and filed under Conversations with Adam.