Kaweco Ink 'Smokey Grey' Review

It's been a while since I talked about ink on this blog, what better way to get back into it with one of the new Kaweco shades. They recently released 2 new inks, 'Smokey Grey' and 'Sunrise Orange' and I've had the chance to try one of them out.

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The kind folks over at Welovepens.co.uk noticed how partial I was to a good grey ink and thought I'd enjoy the new Smokey Grey by Kaweco. And they were right! Of course I had to ink my Kaweco AL Sport up with this ink, it had to be done. I still love this pen, it's a rugged well made pocket sized fountain pen that is comfortable to use all day. If you want to see more about this pen I reviewed it back in 2014 here.

But this ink is everything I love, a somewhat light grey with beautiful shading. It has quite a cool green hue to it, not what I was originally expecting when I heard the name 'Smokey', I kind of expected a warmer toned grey but it was a pleasant surprise. It's quite unique compared to some other grey inks I've tried in the past. It's like the cooler version of my all time favourite grey - Mont Blanc Oyster Grey. 

Comparison inks left to right: Iroshizuku Kiri-Same, Mont Blanc Oyster Grey, Omas New Grey, Diamine Grey & Caran d'Ache Infinite Grey

It seemed to be a little wet while using it in my Kaweco AL Sport with a medium nib, but dried relatively quickly. Certainly if you were to use a finer nib it would dry almost instantly. But all in all it performed really nicely, once it dried I had no issues with smudging whatsoever. The shading is what sets this ink apart for me, with a wet(ish) nib like the medium Kaweco it performs really well. 

The price point is quite competitive with higher end inks, but it's certainly not a budget ink by any stretch. A pack of 6 standard cartridges retails for £2.00 and a 30ml glass bottle is £12.50.

If shading is something you look for in and ink and want to give yourself a little treat, maybe Smokey Grey is for you!

This review sample was provided by WeLovePens.co.uk. A huge thanks to them for sending over this ink to try out.

Thanks for reading!

Posted on August 23, 2016 and filed under Ink Review.